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Kelly Professional Organizer and Advance Planner

Professional Organizing Solutions for a Life & Death Less Complicated!

Hi!  I’m Kelly Corkery, a Professional Organizer and Advance Planner for End of Life in Nova Scotia.

One of my earliest memories is itemizing the toys in my room.  Listing them in a Campfire notebook and selling them to my little sister with my Fisher Price cash register.  As a young girl I would visit friends’ rooms and reorder their jewelry boxes, closets and bookshelves.  For as long as I can remember, I have been helping people get organized.  I see clutter as an opportunity not an obstacle.  I have assisted entrepreneurs for almost 20 years as a small business consultant and loans officer.  As a former instructor and project coordinator at the Nova Scotia Community College, I have guided hundreds of clients starting businesses from planning stages to launching and beyond.

So, where does the end of life planning come in?

Growing up directly across from a cemetery exposed me to the concept of death at an early age.  My great grandparents were the undertaker and midwife for communities along the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. I am comfortable around grieving families and, yes, bodies laid out in churches, funeral homes or front parlors.  In short, I describe myself as death positive. Simply, it’s a way of thinking that brings death back into our daily lives instead of hidden behind closed doors.  It’s about embracing our human mortality. After losing loved ones suddenly, I quickly learned the value of being able to provide others with the peace of mind that comes with simple advanced planning.

There’s really nothing to be afraid of, A Sorted Affair’s approach is relaxed, practical and filled with humor.  Whether you need help with organizing your home or advanced planning paperwork, I’m here to help!

Get Sorted

Are you surrounded by too much stuff?  Do you need to downsize?  Feeling overwhelmed and finding it difficult to make decisions?  A Sorted Affair will help you declutter your space, whether you have a specific problem area or just need a general resort. I’m here to assist creating a simpler, more efficient living or working space.


Advanced Planning
for End of Life

Not sure where to begin when planning for your future?  Looking for simple and straightforward guidance and resources about end of life planning?  Know that having a Personal Directive and other legal documents are important but don’t know where to start?  We assist with developing a personalized plan for your end of life experience! 

What to Expect

Free Consultation

Once you’ve expressed interest to work with A Sorted Affair, you will receive a free one-hour consultation.  It can be done over the phone, via email or face to face.  Together, we’ll determine your needs and desires and provide you with a list of what you may need to buy (bins, folders, bookshelves, etc.) before we start to work.

On the Job

Before we begin with your project, we will sign a letter of agreement that outlines services that we have mutually agreed upon.  We will decide together where your unwanted items will go and how they will be delivered.  With your permission, “before and after” pictures will be taken.

Your Commitment

You, the client, maintain ownership of process.  This means that you are expected to play an active part of the process of purging, sorting and organizing all belongings.  A Sorted Affair may gently encourage letting go of items that have served their purpose, the final decision will always remain yours.  Together, we will determine where and how your discarded items will be handled.


A Sorted Affair will maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and respect for you, your possessions and your home.  You can rest assured that any confidential information received will not be disclosed, revealed, reported or used without the prior written consent of the client (excluding illegal materials/activities).

Hey, life and death can be messy, I get it. Let’s sort it out, together!

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