Panic Free Vacation Planning-Organizing Tips

You’d think that vacation planning would come easily for an Organizer. Packing the day before a week-long family camping trip is not my usual style. Typically, I have checklists for equipment, clothing and meals drafted well in advance. I mean, I was packed for a Caribbean vacation TWO MONTHS ahead of time. Usually, I would … Read more

A Beginners Guide to Death Cleaning

Döstädning or Swedish death cleaning is a type of decluttering. The term is a hybrid of two words, “dö” meaning death and “städning”, meaning cleaning. Simply, it involves a process of clearing out unnecessary belongings.  It can be undertaken at any age or life stage. It’s recommended to be done sooner rather than later, before … Read more

How to Organize Your Mindset-From Clutter to Clarity

All aboard the Struggle Bus! This latest lockdown stole my voice. Figuratively and literally. I found myself speechless and would go long periods without talking. I could not write. In short, I was cluttered up. My words were taken away much like the Indigenous children stolen from their families in a cultural genocide. Those innocent … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Out Your Closet

You’ve decided to tackle your textiles.  Congratulations! Cleaning out your closet is a struggle for many. Time to gather a few bags or boxes and dive in.  There are a few approaches you can take when preparing for a purge.  You can remove items one at a time and assess.  I recommend creating piles-Donate, Consign, … Read more

Coping with Grief-Working & Thriving Through Loss

Love & Grief Today marks two years since I last heard my Mom say, “I love you.” Two years since I last felt her loving embrace, smelled her unique scent and kissed her goodbye. I miss her so very much. Although I am no longer lost in my grief, it never goes away. It never … Read more

Fridge Organization Ideas Made Easy

How often should we go through our fridges to check for expired food? Disorganized fridges lead to food waste. A few simple fridge organization ideas can change that!  I recommend using a first in, first out (FIFO) approach with food.  Rotate older items towards the front of fridge shelves so they are front of mind, … Read more

Buy Nothing Groups-Feel Good Ways to Save Money

As an Organizer I see, firsthand, VAST amounts of stuff. We are mega consumers. I physically remove and transfer boxes (and boxes) and bags (and bags) of donatable items to charities and other organizations. Much of which will end up for resale. I’m fond of the proverb-Charity begins at home. One’s first responsibility is for … Read more