• Organizing Services

    Time to get sorted with a free initial consultation.  Face to face, on the phone or online.

    80% of clutter is a result of disorganization, not lack of space.  Getting rid of that clutter would eliminate 40% of housework in the average home!    What will you do with more free time?

  • Sift, Sort & Declutter

    Save time and money while creating a calm living space for you and your family. Purge what you don't need, create systems that work so you can use the space you have more efficiently.

    Boxes still not unpacked from a move or renovation?  Let A Sorted affair mange your moving needs.  It's our pleasure to help with labeling, packing and unpacking.

    Sorting, purging and organizing your “problem area” or any room in your home might seem overwhelming to you but is an exciting challenge to an organizer!  I focus on using organizing supplies (bins, baskets, shelving etc.) that you already have on hand and work within the available space.

  • Downsizing Services

    A Sorted Affair Inc. will work with seniors and/or their loved ones to facilitate a downsizing or a move. I can help with sorting, purging and packing. Photos and family heirlooms can be put in order and items carefully distributed to family and friends.  Connections to professionals such as antique appraisers will be provided based on your needs. I will deliver suitable items for donation to charities of choice. 

A Sorted Affair will work closely with you while carefully considering your budget and schedule. Kelly will help to accommodate your needs and create a customized experience!

  • Home Office & Paper Management

    Are you paying your bills late? Wasting paper to have documents reprinted when you can't find them? Are you having a hard time figuring out what papers to keep and for how long? Unsure what to shred and what to recycle? Can you quickly put your hands on documents you are searching for? Is tax time a nightmare? Your home office can be set up and filing systems created that will work for you and help you maintain your files with ease.

  • Advanced Planning for End of Life

    Did you know that 93% of Canadians think it’s important to communicate their wishes for future personal care, but only 36% have actually done so?  

    A Sorted Affair offers advanced planning to help guide you through your end of life paperwork.  These are very important decisions, you can have a choice in what happens once you are no longer able to speak for yourself.  Planning for your future reduces stress amongst you and your loved ones.  Avoid disagreements regarding healthcare decision making, possession distribution and personal wishes at the end of life.  

    There is much more to end of life planning than just writing a will or completing a personal directive.  There are MANY details that need to be sorted. Leave a legacy of love.  Don't blindside your loved ones, it's time to write down your personal wishes.

  • Get Sorted Consultations

    I am honoured to guide you through options for legal documents, personal directives, health care delegates, body disposition ideas & final tributes (funerals, celebration of life ceremonies etc.).  I can help by providing ideas and information that suit your unique personality. It’s time to stop avoiding the difficult decisions you need to make.  Take control over your departure.  

    "Let's sort it out together!"

  • Public Speaking & Workshops

    If you're looking for a dynamic and informative facilitator or speaker, I am available for experiential workshops (1-3 hours) and speaking engagements (any length). 


  • Gift Certificates

    A Sorted Affair is happy to provide clients with gift certificates.  What could be nicer than: receiving the gift of a calm & organized home, an efficient & organized office or a plan for your personal exit from this earth?  Out of respect, it is requested that the recipient be open to accepting this generosity and is invested in getting organized.