Organizing Kid’s Rooms-Decluttering Ideas

Recently, I received a plea for help from a frustrated Mom. “Kelly, how can I organize my kid’s bedroom and keep it that way?!” Girl, I feel you. I have two boys, their bedrooms are visible from the main hallway of our house. You walk by them on the way to the kitchen or bathroom. … Read more

Getting Started- How to Begin Organizing

Having Trouble Getting Started? You Aren’t Alone! This blog post sorta made me feel like a fraud as I sat, struggling to get started on this topic. Where do I begin? How do I get started organizing a project and maintain motivation? It’s so easy to distract myself with a little social media. Or, find … Read more

Entrepreneurs: Feeling the Pressure to be Productive

Are you feeling the pressure to be productive? I was supposed to launch my new business on April 1st, no foolin’. Let that sink in for a minute. No really, take your time. Take all the time you need. Time is what we seem to have a plethora of these days. So, what did I … Read more

8 Strategies to Provide Grief Support During Covid 19

A new grief support reality I have a friend who is driving her father to the hospital for daily cancer treatments. These treatments are only buying him time and possibly quality of life as his diagnosis is progressive and terminal. Experiencing a precarious health condition in the midst of a worldwide Covid 19 pandemic is … Read more