10 Simple Organizing Hacks with Everyday Items

You might be surprised with common items you have that will help you to get organized around your house

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to organize your space. I’ve helped clients organize pantries, closets and most other areas of their home or office without needing to purchase additional products. How? It’s no big secret. Use what you have. With a little creativity, you can turn everyday items into simple organizing solutions. Just call me McGyver.

I know that at some point, in an effort to organize, many of you have gone out and bought bins with lids at your local Canadian Tire or Home Depot. I’m guilty of this too. My basement has stacks of empty plastic bins with lids, bins on wheels and bins in various sizes. Bins, bins, bins. Don’t get me wrong, bins are useful for storage of seasonal items like decorations and sports equipment. I just no longer use these clutter caskets for storing surplus stuff. I declutter instead.

Bins, bins, bins! Glorious bins!

Affordable & Easy Solutions

When helping clients organize, I caution about running out and buying additional organizing products until we’ve determined what they actually need. Sure, it’s nice to have matching baskets and bins. If that’s the look you are going for then awesome! I totally support that. However, more frequently, we discover useful organizing objects as we progress through the decluttering and organizing process. Things like shoe boxes, baskets, jars and trays. Everyday items.

Sometimes it’s necessary to buy things. A new bookshelf, shelving and the like. And that’s exciting too! I’m NOT saying don’t ever do that, only to wait. When reorganizing, you need to assign things to locations. Once that is done THEN you can consider how you’d like to contain your stuff. Make sense? So, with that in mind, here are 10 simple organizing hacks with everyday items. Things that you have on hand OR could easily find in a dollar store.

10 Organizing Solutions Using Everyday Items

  1. Lazy Susan’s-I LOVE the versatility of these turntable-type trays. They come in different sizes and materials. You can even find stackable versions. They work great in cupboards for spices, in fridges for condiments-anywhere, really. I use one to organize my vitamins. Excellent for small space organization. Plus, they spin!
Don’t call me lazy, Susan!

2. Shelf Risers-These nifty units will double the space for storage. They work wonderfully in medicine cabinets and cupboards. Bowls and plates can be stacked separately for ease of access. Shorter items go below and taller objects up top. Great for opening up space in a pantry too!

Oh, IKEA. You really do think of everything.

3. Drawer Dividers-If you enjoy micro-organizing then, baby, drawer dividers are for you! These rigs work magic in kitchen drawers and clothing dressers. These adjustable and expandable separators are easy to use and readily available at home improvement stores. Honestly? I’ve used the lid of a shoe box with the exact same results!

Bamboo, spring-loaded and ready to divide and conquer your clutter!

4. Hooks-I mean, a nail will do. But, if you are looking to up your organizing game, there are so many options! Local Nova Scotia craftsman, Brad Smith of Tinkers Hollow, forges solid and stylish wrought iron hooks. If you wanna use a nail, check out his hooks made from salvaged square cut nails. The excellent thing about hooks is that they don’t take up a lot of wall space. Go vertical!

Extra fancy nails

5. Dishes-Not sure what to do with that one bowl that was left behind from a potluck two years ago? Reuse it! Old dishes like orphaned saucers, dented muffin tins and trays still have lots of purpose left. I find them attractive alternatives to clear acrylic containers. Place a non-slip mat underneath if using them in a drawer so they won’t slide around. Heck, I have a ceramic leaf-shaped ashtray housing paperclips in my desk drawer.

Decorative ceramic ashtray from my grandparent’s house. Also, shoe box lid as a drawer organizer.

These are a few of my favourite things…

6. Mason Jars & Canisters-Glass containers are wonderful for storing food, liquids or screws. They are highly visual, you can typically tell what’s inside. If it’s not clear, add a label! Fantastic for sorting and storing smaller odds & sods. Practical, common and easy to clean.

Glass jars offer simple organizing solutions

7. Towel Bars & Tension Rods-These inexpensive objects make a great hack for corralling pot lids in drawers. They can be mounted in kitchens to hang pans and other cooking implements. Or, in a bedroom for scarves or jewelry. A cute way to keep your accoutrements within easy reach. I plan on installing one for garden tools, I’m constantly misplacing my clippers.

Handy dandy for pots and pans

8. Magazine Holders & File Folders-Oh man, I use these things for everything! From storing water bottles and travel mugs to picture frames. They hold things like plastic and foil wrap well also. I’ve seen them used to store folded, reusable grocery bags and hair tools too! They tuck away on a counter or shelf neatly and don’t take up a lot of space.

There are many clever ways to organize with magazine racks and file holders

9. Cord Keepers-You’ve likely seen standard binder clips used to organize a nest of cords before. Chances are you have one kicking around in a junk drawer. Give it a go! Dangling cords and tangled cables drive me BANANAS! I’m stuck on stick-on cord keepers. They adhere to appliances to keep control of wayward wires. Also, a twist tie can be just as effective!

Ciao to chaotic cords

10. Drawers-Looking for under the bed storage options? How about repurposing drawers from an old dresser? Add small wheels or castors for ease of movement. If you are really keen; paint the drawers a new colour to match your decor and add some updated hardware. To protect contents, a heavy piece of fabric can easily be attached to act as a lid.

Stylish and accessible

Looking for More Easy Home Organizing Ideas?

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