Hi! I’m Kelly Corkery, a Professional Organizer and Advance Planner in Nova Scotia.

Kelly Corkery

One of my earliest memories is sorting seashells on the shore. As a little girl, I remember organizing my friends’ jewellery boxes, toys, closets and bookshelves. In my former careers as a business consultant, instructor and project coordinator, I assisted entrepreneurs with planning and launching their ventures. For as long as I can remember, I have been helping people become better organized.

After my beloved mother died, I quickly learned the value of providing others with the peace of mind that comes with simple advance planning. I describe myself as death-positive. Simply, it’s a way of thinking that brings death back into our daily lives. It’s about embracing our human mortality and planning for our inevitable future.

My approach is relaxed, practical and filled with humour. Whether you need help with organizing your home or planning for the end of life, I’m here to help! Let’s sort it out together.

Working With Me

Book Your Discovery Call

Simply schedule a complimentary 30-minute call to discuss your needs. We will review the scope of your project(s) and the goals you’d like to achieve. Then I'll send you an individualized proposal so we can get started on getting you sorted! A Sorted Affair works closely with you while carefully considering your budget and schedule. I'll help to accommodate your needs and create a customized experience!

Your Commitment

You, the client, maintain ownership of the process. This means you are expected to play an active part in decluttering, sorting and organizing all your belongings. It’s your stuff, after all! We may gently encourage letting go of items that have served their purpose but the final decision will always remain yours. Together, we will determine where and how your discarded items will be handled.


A Sorted Affair maintains the highest standards of confidentiality and respect for you, your possessions and your home. You can rest assured that any confidential information received will not be disclosed, revealed, reported or used without your consent (excluding illegal materials or activities). Only with your permission will “before & after” pictures be taken.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your payment policies?

Payment is expected prior to/upon arrival for the organizing session(s). eTransfers, Cash & Cheques are accepted. eTransfers can be sent to kelly@sortedaffair.ca. Cheques are made out to A Sorted Affair Inc. HST is added to all invoices. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking at my discretion. Depending on the scope of the project(s) this amount is subject to change.

What if I have to cancel or reschedule?

Please provide 24-hours notice if you must cancel a session. Sessions cancelled without at least 24-hours notice or, if you are not present when we arrive, will be subject to a $50 cancellation fee. Of course, this fee will be waived in the case of sudden illness requiring emergency medical attention. Life happens. We will reschedule appointments at the earliest available time.

Do you take any COVID-related precautions?

You bet we do! Health and safety is very important to all of us. On the day before your scheduled session, you can expect to be contacted and asked some health screening questions. Additionally, we will wear masks/face shield upon request. We will do our utmost to distance physically whenever possible, as well as hand wash/sanitize frequently.

Do I have to be there for the organizing session(s)?

Yes! Absolutely! Our work is WITH you. It’s your stuff after all! We may gently encourage letting go of items that have served their purpose, the final decision will always remain yours.

Is there anything else I should expect during our time together?

Yes, there will be LOTS of decision-making. We will do our best not to overwhelm you. You should be prepared for our questions. Organizing is physical work. It can also be mentally and emotionally exhausting. This is why shorter sessions are encouraged. But, if you want to power through a project, then we can make that happen, too! And hey, if you need a break, that’s okay! This is your time.

Will you clean my house too?

Yes, and no. While I don’t do any deep cleaning, we will clean together as we go using your supplies! Wiping down surfaces, light dusting, sweeping and such.

Do I need to buy anything before our organizing session(s)?

You should have a good supply of garbage and recycling bags on hand. A few boxes won’t hurt either! Don’t run out and purchase any additional bins, containers and baskets unless that need was identified in the consultation. Or if there is a sweet sale on at IKEA.

What if I want YOU to buy that stuff for me?

Sure, we can do that provided we have notice. Costs for all supplies purchased by us will be billed to you for payment at 10% plus purchase cost. You will be responsible for supplying garbage/recycling bags, file folders and any boxes, unless otherwise arranged.

Do you take care of the garbage?

No, clients are responsible for the removal of garbage. If a dumpster and/or removal is required, third-party company rates will apply and be paid directly to that company.

Will you take pictures of my mess?

Only with your explicit consent will we take any pictures of your space. We will not post anything without your permission. No identifying information, family photos, custom decorations/artwork etc. that your family or friends would recognize will be used; that’s a promise. If you DO agree to let us take before & after pictures/video for our portfolio, please let us know if you would like to view them prior to us using them.

Where do my donated items go?

Where you’d like them to go! We will help you identify options and will drop them off at charities of your choice. This excludes items requiring two or more people to lift or any item that won’t fit inside our vehicle. If your stuff fits in my rig, consider it gone!


Are you ready for a life less complicated?