Top 5 Myths About Advance Planning

There are a lot of misconceptions and good old fashioned fear about advance planning for end of life. Let’s dig in and dispel those myths!

Top 5 Myths About Professional Organizers

As a Profesional Organizer there are some common misconceptions that I’d like to clarify. Join me as I spill the tea on the 5 biggest myths about hiring Professional Organizers.

Organizing Guide-Preparing Your Home for Sale

Whether you are: empty nesters downsizing, are relocating due to a military move or separation, are building a new house for your growing family or have decided that a yurt on an island is more your style you still need to organize your home for sale.

Getting Started- How to Begin Organizing

Having Trouble Getting Started? You Aren’t Alone! This blog post sorta made me feel like a fraud as I sat, struggling to get started on this topic. Where do I begin? How do I get started organizing a project and maintain motivation? It’s so easy to distract myself with a little social media. Or, find … Read more

Mini Makeover-Pantry Organization Edition

I’m willing to bet that we all have a space that we struggle to keep organized. One area that frustrates me is my pantry. It always seems that I am shuffling things around and searching for ingredients when I need them. Sound familiar? Here is my 5-Step Method for organizing ANY space!


Managing Memories-How to Organize Photographs

Photo albums and boxes of pictures take up valuable space on shelves and closets. Sometimes, they take up premium headspace too. Where should you begin when it’s time to organize photographs?


Why Personal Directives Are So Important

What’s the Big Emergency Anyway? I recently spent 16 hours in the emergency department with my ill father.  For the first 5 hours of our experience, he was on a stretcher in the hallway next to the ambulance receiving doors.  So, worry aside, I had a constant stream of entertainment for the full moon shift.  … Read more

Get Rid of Sentimental Clutter in 5 Easy Steps

Dealing with sentimental clutter is hard. If you want to know what to get rid of, you first need to know what to keep.

Dried bunch of roses in a vase on a wooden table on a black and blue background. Concept: dead flowers

Let’s Talk About Death-It Won’t Kill You

“There is little comfort after someone you love dies, whether it is expected or not. However, if some simple, advanced planning helped me cope with the illness and death of my mother then I know it can help others. Be courageous, talk about death before it’s too late.”


Downsizing Reality: No One Wants Your Stuff

The Downside to Downsizing I can still remember the look of shock on my Mom’s face. We were preparing my grandparents house for sale. When we arrived at the Royal Doulton figurines, Mom asked which one(s) I wanted. “None”, was my reply. My granddad had died and my grandmother was moving into a long term … Read more