How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe: A Beginners Guide

What’s Your Clutter Vice? As a professional Organizer, you would likely expect me to have my shit together. To have embraced minimalism and worship at the altar of Marie Kondo. Keeping only the objects that “spark joy”.  I can honestly admit that my closet situation is out of control.  Not only is space an issue, … Read more


Memento Mori: Modern Memorials

I recently loaded an app on my phone called WeCroak ( It sends me a notification, five times a day, reminding that I’m going to die.  When the notifications come you can open the app to reveal a death-related quote.  The creator of the app was inspired by a Bhutanese folk saying that: “To be … Read more


Entrepreneurs: Feeling the Pressure to be Productive

Are you feeling the pressure to be productive? I was supposed to launch my new business on April 1st, no foolin’. Let that sink in for a minute. No really, take your time. Take all the time you need. Time is what we seem to have a plethora of these days. So, what did I … Read more


8 Strategies to Provide Grief Support During Covid 19

A new grief support reality I have a friend who is driving her father to the hospital for daily cancer treatments. These treatments are only buying him time and possibly quality of life as his diagnosis is progressive and terminal. Experiencing a precarious health condition in the midst of a worldwide Covid 19 pandemic is … Read more

sea shells

Early Introduction to the Organizing Business

I might as well start at the beginning because that seems like a logical place to begin. This is my first introduction to the organizing business.  In this case, let’s rewind to 1981 and to a three year old girl (me!). I’m alone, on the shoreline next to the Atlantic Ocean.  Yes, this may sound … Read more