Simple Life Lessons from a Spider

Will you walk into my parlour? Some people don’t like spiders. That might be an understatement. I have a highly educated, logical friend who becomes paralyzed by fear if a spider shares her space. I don’t mind them in the least. I think they are hardworking and purposeful creatures. Industrious. Unless, one happens to be … Read more

5 Important Things to do Before You Die-It’s Not Too Late!

If you clicked on this expecting a typical bucket list of wild and crazy things to do before you die then you might be disappointed. Instead of skydiving and swimming with dolphins, you’ll find a practical list of what you should actually do to leave an organized legacy before you die. Boring, you say? Well, … Read more

Why Personal Directives Are So Important

What’s the Big Emergency Anyway? I recently spent 16 hours in the emergency department with my ill father.  For the first 5 hours of our experience, he was on a stretcher in the hallway next to the ambulance receiving doors.  So, worry aside, I had a constant stream of entertainment for the full moon shift.  … Read more

Let’s Talk About Death-It Won’t Kill You

“There is little comfort after someone you love dies, whether it is expected or not. However, if some simple, advanced planning helped me cope with the illness and death of my mother then I know it can help others. Be courageous, talk about death before it’s too late.”